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Punto Latino es el punto de encuentro de toda la actividad cultural y comercial latinoamericana en Suiza
MANGU (Rep. Dominicana)
sábado 27 de enero, 21h - 2h — ZAK-Jona
Biografía de Mangu en inglés

I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the States. On holidays When I would go back to visit my family would make fun of me and call me el Americano.

At home my parents only spoke to me in spanish, but at school my young brain was picking up a new dialect and culture. It was1980 and the Bronx New York was my new home. Never forgetting my native tounge gave me an advantage. Other kids in school that were latino spoke no spanish at all. I had the best of both worlds. I could listen to American music and also understand music in spanish. Sunday mornings my mother would play merengue, salsa or classic mexican music while she'd clean the house. I would tell her to turn it down because I thought it was for old people. She would laugh and tell me that someday I would love it. At that age I was more into what they would play at local street parties. At these events they would not play instruments they played turntables and the mc kept the party people in full control. It was the very beginning and eventhough I was too young too hang out, that was all I needed to see. Writing rap routines and break dancing that's what I was a part of. The B boys, B girls, Djing Grafitti ... Hip Hop.

After living in the Bronx for many years my mother decided it was time for a change, it was either the crime or the cold I dont know? She packed up and we moved to the Sunshine State. Still in high school at the time the move from NY to Miami was very difficult for me. I left all my friends and everything I knew back in the Bronx. On top of being home sick it was a culture shock that In Miami everything seemed to be in spanish. Mostly all the people were latino and latin music was always on the radio. Here my roots were all around me and there was no way denying it. My career started working as a dancer for local hip hop groups. After touring the States for some time and gaining a bit of experience a solo career was next. To be original songs in spanish and english were my formula.This spanglish mix of flavours got me noticed really fast on the local scene. After many open mic sessions and talent shows I finally got to open up for some national groups. My first recordings were with Jamaican artist Bigga and Pappa San. Not long after I was introdced to producer Joe Galdo (Miami Sound Machine). He was looking for somone to write a bilingual rap for a track (La Playa) he was working on for cuban pianist Paquito Hechavarria. I recorded the song and was signed to Island records for a single and a album deal. The single and video (Hype Williams) got national exposure helping me prepair for the release of the album" Mangu" coined by many "Calle Luna Calle Sol".

The success of the album gave me the opportunity to perform not only in the states but latin America and Europe also earning me the RFI (Radio France International) discovery artist of the year award in 1999. Touring was very exciting. I remember stepping on stage at the Roskilde in Denmark festival and saying to myself wow this is a long way from the Bronx. Playing at events like the Paleo Festival, the Open Air St Gallen, Francofolies De La Rochelle and the Festival Des Vieilles Charrues gave me the opportunity to meet lots of great musicians and work with lots of great people. I just fell in love with this part of the world. After my deal with Island Universal was finished I stopped touring, relocated to France and started working on my second album. Learning the culture and language its not easy but Im having a great time doing it. I recently signed a deal with French indy label Naive and released my second album. "Mi Familia", is less traditional and more electronic never leaves behind the latin lingo and spanglish fusion. I am currently on tour in Europe promoting the new album performing clubs,festivals and métro stations. The new live show will take you on a voyage caliente through my mundo musical. So dont forget your passports.


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